The experiential networking training program
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The Mocktail is an unforgettable, effective and economic networking training program.

The essence of The Mocktail networking training program is building relationships.  The setting is a staged event, usually a client reception format. Participants learn to meet and recognize people where they may either serve a need or receive a benefit – the heart of business relationships. 

To accomplish this, The Mocktail utilizes a series of profiles, which form the core of the program.  Each one is strategically designed to have things in common with a number of other profiles. Finding those things is the goal of the exercise.

There are two ways to buy The Mocktail. The first is for us to prepare for and deliver the program, then follow up with recommendations and a report. 


The second option is to purchase a complete Mocktail training kit, which includes a facilitated program, train the trainer and all the materials you need to administer and manage the program as many times as you like within your own organization.

All materials are provided in electronic format, so you receive them quickly:

  • The Mocktail Profiles
  • Name tags (mail merge and pdf files)
  • Business cards (mail merge and pdf files)
  • Participant's Guidelines 
  • Event Skill Builder™ 
  • Excerpt of Event Skill Builder 
  • Event Preparation Worksheet
  • Invitation and draft email
  • Facilitator’s Guide
  • Facilitator's Notes pages
  • Observer's Notes pages
  • Legal Mocktail Document Production Checklist
  • Printing instructions

A report containing our observations and recommendations is provided after the Legal Mocktail.